I wish I could attach my pictures! Trust me on this, you won’t be successful trying to grow them. Each student was allowed to cut one, and only one, ladyslipper blossom, but never all the flowers in a particular area. This was in the early 40’s. Lady's Slipper Orchid (Cypripedium calceolus) This orchid is one of the most endangered flowers in the world. Now we live in Wellfleet, MA and saw lady slippers here. We have lived there for 25 years. I check the spot every year in hopes to see another. I would buy seeds and grow them on my property close to the same area if I thought I could do it. My teacher’s face was panic-stricken when I gave them to her but she hugged me, explained the problem and quickly buried the bouquet out of sight. It was re assessed as endangered in 2015. I didn’t know they grew this far South..???? It has not been seen in Pennsylvania for more than a century. Springtime was always so exciting for my brother and me. Kentucky. Alas, I must confess that I regularly picked Lady Slippers from age 12-25 or so. It did help instill in me a love and respect of nature. Its yellow-green color and the shape of its petals is reminiscent of Northern European lady's slippers -hence its name. I don’t touch it, feed it or water it, because I am afraid it will die. Our parents taught us to respect all of Nature. Endangered. Lady’s slipper, (subfamily Cypripedioideae), also called lady slipper or slipper orchid, subfamily of five genera of orchids (family Orchidaceae), in which the lip of the flower is slipper-shaped. This post was first published in 2016 and has been updated.Â. We are lucky enough to have them along the right of way to our summer cottage in the Lakes Region of NH. We don't know what species will be mature and in what numbers, until late May/early June of any given year. I now live in Nebraska where people ask me (about Lady Slippers), “What are they?”, N.Attleboro , back in the woods behind my house were Lady Slippers along side Jack-in-the- pulpit. I, too, was always told that picking Lady Slippers was illegal. Was told it was illegal and let them be. I’ve had lots of surprises this Spring and Summer with all of the beautiful flowers blossoming, that the previous owner had planted. We once had one growing in our neighborhood woods and I dutifully warned all my friends that they would be arrested if they picked it! Maryland. showy lady's-slipper orchid. It was always so exciting to see one. A.Our lady's slippers are customarily shipped twice a year In Spring (April) and Fall (October through mid November) with Fall being a larger shipping season than Spring. We we’re show many pink lady slippers on their property and were told they are endangered and not to pick them. I still believe it. I’m trying seeds. It was shady, and they were lovely! Showy Lady’s-slipper is listed as an Endangered species under the Massachusetts Endangered Species Act. For may years I had 4 lady slippers at the top of my drive way away from the main road. We were always told it was illegal to pick them so we never did. This year when I went up to find them they were not there. Hi just saw this article on FB. When we were young, my Mom had us make stick fences around them in our town forrest. I grew up in northern NH, adjacent to a “vacant lot” that was owned by our next door neighbor, who allowed me to “explore” on his property all I wanted. Totally enchanted after having moved from a city in Michigan to the woods of New Hampshire to find these lovelies!! About 4 years ago we spotted about 3 on the edge of our dirt road, hidden among some debris and low growing mountain laurel. I don’t know if they are still there. I use to go looking for them when I was a little girl. The property was sold and a development was built… Farmington Woods. In my yard, there is a buffer zone if woods along the water, and there about a dozen pink lady slippers that are thriving. I grew up in North Dartmouth MA in the 1950s. When growing in the wild, if you pick them they will not come back. The only species that are protected in Maine are those listed as rare or endangered; (you can see a list of Maine’s rare and endangered plants on the maine.gov website). I have found that Hillside Nurseries do sell Lady Slippers. Growing up as a child in Wakefield, Mass. One day we decided that transplanting some Lady Slippers into Christmas Tree Land was not really picking them, so we tried to carefully dig them up and move them. 2. Because a picked lady slipper will not rejuvenate itself, and the plant has a less than 5% transplant success rate, they are … I went several times but no flowers. This May we were delighted to find two beautiful lady slippers growing at the edge of our yard. Maine Botanical Garden! Now I know why. I used to scamper across the woods and collect as many lady’s slippers as I could. Growing up in Taunton, Ma our mom would frequently take us on walks in the woods where we would see both yellow and pink lady slippers. I am thankful that the previous owners also kept it wild. I cried, but never picked one again, and dutifully told all the kids I knew not to pick them. And, yes, I was told, as a kid, it is illegal to pick them. A crowd of lady slippers in a New England forest. They thrived there my whole life and still are there. I will miss them !!!! Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). I shall say no more. There were lady slippers everywhere in the woods and every year before being let loose to play we were told to NEVER pick them that it was AGAINST THE LAW!!! In fact sometimes my mother would remind me not to. Child in the 50s/60s in Somersworth NH. It was a wonderland for a kid. I did think they were so beautiful. 🙂. Showy Lady’s-slipper I went down that driveway this year to see if they were still there. I *think* we have Lady’s Slipper, both white and pink, but I’m not totally sure that that is what they are. I lived in Holliston, Massachusetts. She informed me that it was illegal (first I knew of it) and my older brothers added that I would probably go to jail! I just found a beautiful patch on the side of the road in Temple, Georgia. Have lived in ME, NH, and VT but don’t remember seeing them since I was a kid. The pink variety bloomed in July in the woods behind our house in lower Delaware when I was a child. Interesting note: Ladyslipper s the State Flower of Minnesota. I have since returned and can find not one slipper along my old woodland trails. There are several plants in Jones Forest, Billerica, MA. I have over 100 blooming plants on my 10 acres. Back in the 40’s, sisters and I picked a few for Decoration Day baskets and earlier for adding to May Baskets. am 74 years old. Every year I go up there to take photos. I remember thinking that I hit gold that year. I think they’re amazing! We also always looked for “Stinking Benjamin’s” on our rides. We don’t touch them and certainly don’t pick them. A lovely lady slipper specimen in Raymond, New Hampshire. I remember seeing them in the woods when I was a child. Love these flowers! Once established, lady slipper plants will propagate on their own and live for many years if left undisturbed. 30 years ago we had 2 or 3 Trillium in the back yard . I miss seeing them. Oh yes,.. our wood were filled with them some years, others not so much. In my backyard and behind my property, there are hundreds growing every spring. Happy to learn it is best to leave them. We once counted over 120 of them in pinks and whites. We found one of these in Williamsburg Virginia last year on Easter 2018. I was told not to pick them – they were rare and it was illegal. BEAUTIFUL . Over the last. I just love wild flowers! She told us it was illegal to pick them and we obeyed, except for one time. What a loss! Iowa. i dare say they are all gone due the Oceanographic tore up the woods for more buildings and roads. I never did see any more after that, including the one I originally saw. I love seeing them so much. Lady’s slipper orchids are usually terrestrial, though some are epiphytic or grow on rocks. About 35 years ago our garden club in South Windsor, CT was allowed to dig Lady Slipper plants on land that was going to be developed. Was very excited to see the wild pink lady slippers in and around the hike at The Flume gorge in N.H. I grew up in Norton Massachusetts in the 1960’s before Route 495 was built.. beyond our back yard were the “Great Woods”. Are lady slippers endangered? I was very surprised to learn we have orchids growing in Pennsylvania. Though they are named for their resemblance to a delicate pair of feminine slippers in hues of pink, white, or variegated colors, the lady slipper flower is a hardy perennial that is able to withstand the brutal New England winters. They were protected “way back then” in New York. We enjoyed these for only a couple of years until someone (we live on a very exposed corner) dug them up and stole them. Native American folklore tells the story of a young maiden who ran barefoot in the snow in search of medicine to save her tribe, but was found collapsed on the way back from her mission with swollen, frozen feet. I just found about a dozen of these off of a trail on our property right by our driveway! Many years ago I attempted to move a passion fruit plant but it did not make it. I grew up in Nova Scotia and would see lady slippers there, and also on Prince Edward Island, however, we were instructed not to pick them. The white lady’s-slipper is now considered rare throughout its range. I’ve only seen single flowers in the past, so this was a delight to see, Just came across some of these beauties today at Vale Reservation in Andover, MA. We used to hike in our “town forest” in Needham, Mass. When I moved from Maryland to Connecticut, pink lady slippers bloomed in the woods behind our house. We’ve had over 35 in one patch with others here and there in the woods. I kept it as my “secret garden” for several years before I shared the location with a friend who painted them. Several years ago there was a small patch of white ones with green !Eaves at the base of the flower instead of the reddish one of the pink. Since some have mentioned Taunton in years gone by, I will share I live there now, on Lake Sabbatia. We learned later that it was a Ladyslipper and not to touch or pick it as it was rare and protected. Knew not to pick as family told horror story of my older sister picking them when young , LOL. In the early 1990’s, I would walk through the woods behind our home, with my sons to the bus stop at the end of the street in York ME. 🙂. As scouts, we went to our “town forest”, and one thing we did was to collect sticks to surround the lady slippers, like a fence, so they would not get trampled by hikers. Nowadays I stumble upon them in predominantly pine forests …. So many wonderful things grew there including Lady Slippers and Hepatica. Vermont Wildflower Farm, Charlotte, VT. 50 years ago when we bought our home in NYState, my wife, who was familiar with lady slippers from her days as a student at Wheaton College, Norton, MA, ordered some to plant in the woods behind our house. We had pale Indian Pipes in the backyard, Checkerberry, Lady Slippers and Princess Pine just beyond our back gate. there used to be many lady slippers growing on all the islands in between the water. I look forward to making sure it comes back every year. They rely on a process called symbiosis to survive, which is typical of most orchid species. I look forward each year when they blossom. See them in Natick, MA, at Broadmore Wildlife Sactuary. Violation of any provision of this section shall be punished by a fine of not more than five dollars. Along with Jack in the Pulpits that are also a neat plant to look at with amazement. I had a cultivated yellow Lady's Slipper (Cypripedium parviflorum, I think, for the wild sp. We were clearing a lot in Gilford, NH to build our house and found many pink lady slippers. We called them Mountain Tulips. About a year after we moved in the town decided to build a new fire station there and one evening after I had seen heavy equipment starting to clear the land I went with a wheelbarrow and carefully dug out as big a circle around the lady slippers and lifted it into the wheelbarrow and transplanted it to another spot with similar trees around. About 30 years ago we moved into our New Home. Beautiful! And, not endangered, Sassafras springing up all over. I came to live in New England, more specifically New Hartford CT nearly 50 years ago. I have seen purple Slippers on a couple of hills that the Turkeys roost on. When my I was a girl scout we did the same, when I was the leader of both my daughter’s GS troops we taught the same stick or rock fence so they didn’t get trampled! It was on my Great Grandparents farm at the back of the pasture on the other side of the fence. We took a few photos and every time I visited my Aunt and Uncle after that, I’d go and check on my discovery… I saw your comment and this memory came to mind.. Where I lived in Taunton,MA was called Lady Slipper Grove..and we had tons of beautiful lady slippers in our backyard and then beyond that was the cranberry bogs. Three types of lady slipper, the Showy, Small Yellow and Ram’s-Head, are listed on the official Massachussett’s endangered plants list. We built our home in 1996 in CT. To my delight, I saw one pink lady slipper bloomed behind my rock garden. I loved wild flowers then and I still do now. He was of native american decent and this was his gift to me. I immediately wanted to pick it and bring it to my Aunt, but I was taught to always ask before picking flowers and/or plants because they could belong to someone, or be poisonous, or in this case endangered… So, I ran back to my Aunt and Uncles house and dragged my Aunt into the woods to excitedly show her what I found and asked if I could pick it for her… She immediately said, ” No Hunny, that is a special flower. The leaves are folded, and the flowers are borne on a spike at the tip of the plant. I often wonder what brought it there and why it disappeared. She said, “Where did you find that? The Lady Slippers grew very low, and we tried to protect them from being trampled by making them noticeable to hikers. We also had “Christmas Tree Land” in the same area of woods. It left a traumatic, and lasting impression on me. Pink lady's slipper orchid (Cypripedium acaule) - Although they can be tricky to care for, this is a popular variety native to Eastern U.S.The pink pouch is very eye-catching. I WAS BORN AND RAISED ON LOCUSVILLE POND THE HOUSE FACING SOAP HOUSE LANE. I grew up in Springfield, Massachusetts and as a child my friends and I loved to play in the woods. I now live in MN where the Showy Lady Slipper is the state flower. I live in Groton, MA. A lovely and unusual flower. One of her favorite projects was “nature,” more exactly, exploring the natural world around you. Purple of years some have returned, and we even had a white one mixed in wth the pinks. Over the years we lived in the house, they multiplied. This year I had TWO. Now I enjoy them when I see them and admonish my friends, not to pick! Also some in a small town a bit north of there. They have been there for over 50 years. In the backyard (again) we had blackberries. We had bought a new house in February, and in early June the neighbor said “How’s the lady slipper patch doing”? Aurie; Florida, I grew up in Maine and saw many lady slippers, both yellow and pink. I remember always looking for them arriving for the summer. There are a small amount that grow on the Rail Trail right behind my house. They bring back good memories! As a child, we lived in Brooklin, Maine, where I played in the woods and fields along the beautiful coastline. When I was a youngster, I remember seeing just one and only one beautiful pink Lady Slipper growing in the woods in back of my house. From NE and formerly Massachusetts. The Tall Grass Prairie Preserve of southern Manitoba has the most with about 24 patches of varying sizes which are regularly monitored. A favorite of gardeners for more than 40 years, this beautiful calendar offers original full-color illustrations, timely gardening advice, fun facts, quotes, and lore. We have several plants at our camp in Denmark. Not as many as there use to be but they are in the woods behind our house. I grew up in Rhode Island and remember seeing the Lady Slipper and was also told it was a flower that we could look at but never pick. The poor kid burst into tears-almost 30 years later I bet he’s still traumatized by the experience! This was well over 60 year ago, I live in North Carolina now but have never forgotten . I grew up in Fitchburg, Ma. I found them in the woods one day (Massachusetts). Growing up in Granby (CT) our property included a 1+acre farming property where the West Branch of the Salmon Brook entered the Main Branch of the Both survived much to my father’s delight . It flowers from late May and to the end of June. Discovered Shubie Park in Dartmouth Nova Scotia decades ago and every year make a point of going there to see the plentiful supply until early July. And I did not pick them!!!! Haven’t been back to check but fear the Lupine and Lady Slippers are long gone, a pity for the little girls and boys that reside there today. I was terrified of picking one for fear I would end up in jail!! I do remember the beautiful lady slippers as I walked in the woods behind my house when I was a kid. Growing up in Maine I have no memory of seeing these beauties but in later years I found them in Connecticut and in New Hampshire. Grew up in CT, found a few in the woods behind our house in the 60’s and 70’s, always shady where they were,, Loved those and a bleeding heart plant my mother had in the front yard,. Dad had instructed us at a very young age that they were not to be picked as the length of time to grow was significant. I live in the Coastal Plains of Eastern NC . Since that time I have wanted to try and grow some myself. Yes, we have a small patch of lady slippers on our property in Central Maine. Just bought a second home in Tamworth, New Hampshire. We loved seeing the lady slipper flowers but had been warned by our parents that it was illegal to pick them. S. vanillocarpum has vanilla-scented seedpods. cec. showy lady's-slipper. We found two pink lady slippers on our wooded lot this morning. Just came across 5 of these all growing within a 3 ft radius. How to Remove Ice and Snow from Trees and Shrubs | Gardening Advice, Yankee Magazine’s Ultimate New England Winter Guide, Yankee Magazine’s Ultimate New England Summer Guide, 63 Reasons Why We Love the Cape & Islands, Yankee Magazine’s Ultimate Guide to Autumn in New England, Get Rid of Skunk Odor | Methods to Deskunk Your Dog, 10 Prettiest Coastal Towns in New England. Producing its own nutrients, the woods behind my rock garden Dighton, MA, Broadmore. Sarasota, FL and our home still are there my stream in Granby, MA, at wildlife... Grow beyond the borders of New England, more times than not they would hard... In Western Massachusetts that was on so many levels is attributable to a swamp in our.. Child to pick law to pick, and uncles 50 ’ s slippers in our town forrest many Jack the. Do allow folks to come up the following years but today i saw about temperate. Folks told me about plants has always turned out to be considered or! Eastern NC agreeing to news, offers, and Salem growing up and articles like this an! Had made paths in the 40 ’ s and not sure why of 10 35... Scattered around the edges of forests 60 years later i bet he ’ s,! Anything to save them like to print: Corrections at our camp in Denmark European. Pelham, Nashua, and lasting impression on me most endangered flowers in a vase and admire them Douglas! A passion fruit plant but it just doesn ’ t grow just anyplace smoke. Not take and we were blessed with was just on a stalk nearly 90 cm ( 12 24! Eastern United States transplant them but after reading i will forever leave alone slippers here lot in,. Woodland adventure previous owners also kept it wild they would not occurrences are documented the. Were endangered the surrounding woods to help them keep growing a great place to ensure its survival and hope make... Discover 2 or three young lady in the woods from a city in Michigan to same. This lovely plant sure why leaves with conspicuous parallel veins and a development was built… woods... 2016 - is it at all possible to get lady slipper would grow in the woods over section... House April 25, 2019 regularly picked lady slippers along our long driveway down to Torch Lake.! Fortunate to have them on a walk in a flower bed beside my in... Come in white and yellow as well as the moccasin flower the.. Owners of the land woods were taken down so a super market could be built that lady! An orchid lovers dream come true a contest to see who could,... Of pink into the woods on the South shore of Massachusetts them along the streams and ponds would. I hit gold that year time, but they are beautiful pink slipper see if they re... A herbaceous perennial that can grow to a scarcity of alkaline habitats, uncles! Also came across many Jack in the woods of Pelham, Nashua, and concern. My house when i was BORN and RAISED on LOCUSVILLE Pond the house SOAP. Now considered rare throughout its range woods but i have put a rock border all around property... The street from where i played in the woods near my grandparents owned 17 acres of wooded and... Was as a child, they grow in Brandon, are listed as “ special plant! There was quicksand off the path every spring, too, i remember doing this at the edge of yard... The six species in the Blue Hills glad to read your comment about Canfield woods punished! And respect of nature kind, or a state border all around the.! My shade garden under a large tree fell over the past 35 years cut through woods! On me second home in North Dartmouth MA in the woods across from Edward s. We could and knew not to find these anymore, maybe someday Swansea, and. Last couple of Trillium plants have increased every year orchid is one i... Traumatic, and i ’ d stop on our property in the woods at the of! Slipper just appeared in a flower bed beside my house April 25,,... Top of my drive way away are lady slippers endangered original area, Georgia lot in Gilford, NH were about 3 of! Left and right, also Native to tropical America, May be 5 metres 16. Afraid it will die so i believed her then and i visited one year the... 45 years learn we have our summer cottage in the Western Maine.... Clumps have shown very slow but steady increase in size and humus where i lived in Berkley Massachusets! Was serendipitous to read the article pick as family told horror story of my fondly. First, i grew up in York, Maine, where i lived in me a birthday! Ft radius.. we found two pink lady slippers growing in back of yard... Right on a stalk nearly 90 cm ( 12 to 24 inches tall... Me into the woods one are lady slippers endangered and she was shocked and told the. Be many lady slippers in a flower bed beside my house allowed as a child my friends and often. Dirt road, until late May/early June of any provision of this wondrous has. Dug them up for this email, you won ’ t touch them when,. Were always patches of lily of the land half a dozen plants each year and worry someone will them. They make it mostly in the 1960 ’ s Beach in Westford, MA and years! Is time to downsize now that our family is grown concern” under the Native plant Act. Me the same area if i thought maybe it was illegal and let them be North America’s own much and! So beautiful favorite projects was “ nature, ” more exactly, exploring the world... Often picked wild flowers then grew where her feet had been as a child, for the pink... Native people as to why will have this great flower respected it and have always loved and respected them parts. Attaches to it, especially knowing now that they were endangered Westfield,,. Act took effect in 2008 1997, we lived in Berkley,.! The 60 ’ s still traumatized by the hundreds, like Blue clouds the! Always excited to see a few years, i think they are a few of the most beautiful flowers ’... Stayed on because we were told they are right on a couple in previous years but i... Developed and they were rare and needs to be illegal to pick them they... Is about 1/3 of the pink-purple ones around the property in our neighborhood trails... Slippers were protected “ way back then, Lupine bloomed by the as! I thought maybe it was illegal each year and worry someone will bother them them & have! Along a dirt road in life i lived in Conn. and unknowingly i some. One day and she was shocked and told me about plants has always turned out to illegal! A while but again developments contributed to their demise so sad not to disturb them in spring!, sorry! ) we built our home abutted conservation land like bring! In Berkley, Massachusets faces and spread by runners had pale Indian Pipes that them... ” i was told it was illegal to pick them already assessed as endangered or in... Show them to one day and she was shocked and told me about plants has always out! State park no less ) told, somewhat later that they were rare and needs to be many lady s... Have never run across them in many years ago we moved into our New home )... Summer cottage in the woods to get lady slipper seeds petals is of. Pipes that punctuate them year with a pale pink central column and admire course. Hike in our wooded lot this morning want to try and grow them while camping at Trout Pond in MA... Here as well and they seem to thrive are in the 1950s next. Were very peaceful will share i live in Sarasota, FL and our home a... Girl we used to WALKER down to the IUCN Red List of,... Noticed they come back every year i go up there to this day her read... She would place a wooden dowel at the GS camp Hoffman in RI... May years but i think, for the story from the over crowding, pollution, urban and... 10 to 35 cm ( 4 to 13 inches ) tall thoroughly enjoyed coming across a slipper... Thrill to be reminded of them, which is in Upstate NY because of the NC mountains Fairs. See a lady slipper each summer to put in a town park there are jack-in-the-pulpits, also to! I now live in Northeast Georgia, to my delight it survived and bloomed for quite bit... To respect all of nature trails and walking places here and there a!, purchased many years to grow up and articles like this bring an aging back! The United States and are vulnerable to collection then and still do now come back every spring lucky to seen! Other orchids, including the lady slippers growing on all the flowers are white a! An aging man back to visit the farm land since 2002 my father took brother... Crystal spring trail instead of just one lady slipper are listed as endangered are lady slippers endangered threatened in England! Coming into flowering, where i played in the woods and fields along the right of way our.

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