Write Your Postpartum Story

Writing about my postpartum experiences was such an essential part of my recovery from postpartum depression, that I am now writing a series of blog posts to inspire more moms to write their stories. 

In the first part of this series, I shared tips and ideas for journaling: 

  1. So You Want to Write Your postpartum Story 
  2. Journaling 101: Write Whatever You Want to Write  
  3. Journaling 101: Don’t Worry About Grammar or Spelling
  4. Mama Journaling 101: Neglect the Housework 
  5. Mama Journaling 101: The Tools of the Trade  
  6. Journaling 101: Set A Timer and Write 
  7. Mama Journaling 101: Final Thoughts and Further Reading (I only recommend one book because I’d rather you be writing than reading about writing.) 

In the second part of this series, I’m sharing prompts to help you find your topics. All of our stories are uniques, so remember, some of us need to write entire books about pregnancy while some of us will focus on something entirely else. These prompts will help you find your story.

  1. Write Your Postpartum Story: Let’s Brainstorm! Spoiler alert: I love lists.
  2. Was Motherhood the Right Decision for You?
  3. How did you get pregnant? (They make it sound so easy in sex ed class. Or maybe that’s a Catholic school thing?)
  4. Coming soon! Lots more prompts about pregnancy, giving birth, and that whole postpartum business.

Looking ahead: 

  • Lots of blog posts and journaling prompts dedicated to different topics that might be part of your story.
  • Once we cover the different topics, we’ll talk about the different types of ways you might want to formalize your writing, from blog posts to books. Emphasis on the word “might.” I don’t want to pressure anyone to write something formal. For most of us, journaling is enough!
  • And further down the road, I’m going to share my experiences with writing a memoir about postpartum depression, from the rough draft to publication and everything in between. (But it might take me a few months to get here. I don’t want to rush the current series of blog posts, and honestly, if you take the time to journal about your experiences, you will be well on your way to creating a rough draft of your book.)