Write Your Postpartum Story: How Did You Get Pregnant?

First, an apology about terminology. I’m calling this series “Write Your Postpartum Story” but you can call it whatever you want. Maybe you are writing your pregnancy story, or your motherhood story, or your mental health story. It does not matter what you call your story. I wrote a book about POSTPARTUM depression, so I have that word seared across my brain. But you can substitute whatever word works for you.

So with that apology out of the way, let’s move on to our next prompt: How did you get pregnant?

Were you trying to get pregnant? If so, how many months/years did it take?

Did you take your temperature to figure out when you were ovulating? Or did you use an ovulation kit?

Did you talk about the mechanics of getting pregnant with your partner?

Did you need fertility treatments?

If you needed fertility treatments, that might be a fertile area for journaling. (Oh my god. I’m sorry. Worst pun ever. But I’m not deleting it.) Brooke Shields wrote about fertility issues and treatment in her memoir Down Came the Rain. I did not need fertility treatments, so I really can’t dig into this area. But I have known a lot of families who struggled with infertility, and many of them have A LOT to say on the subject. If you needed fertility treatments, that might be a huge part of your postpartum adventures.

Were you able to get pregnant? Did you adopt? Did you know adoptive parents can get postpartum depression?

As you write, there’s no need to answer all of these questions. I’m just throwing out questions to get the wheels in your head turning. Our stories are important. What’s your story?

By the way, I will eventually write some posts about ways to publicly share your story. But if, as you write, you find yourself eager to share your story with the world, please consider sending me a blog post. You can reach me at Courtney@PPDadventures.com. I’d love to start publishing some guest posts.