Winter Is Coming!

Well, theoretically winter is coming. It is supposed to be 100 degrees here in Pasadena today and 102 tomorrow. But preschool is in full swing, and that means Pippa will be bringing home all the viruses. Three year olds are lousy at sharing toys, but germs? No problem.


I know that during the next six months, between Julian and Pippa, we will have lots of colds.  Back-to-back colds.  Back-to-back-to-back colds.

So many colds, that I will ask the pediatrician if I should be worrying about leukemia.  (I did this once.)  So many colds, that I will forget what it is like to have healthy children. So many colds, that it will affect my mental health.


When my children are sick, I feel like I should rise above the occasion and be an endless fountain of good cheer and love. And I am very loving and tender with my children when they are sick; but I also go a bit crazy from boredom.

I know the things that keep me mentally healthy: exercise, lots of regular exercise; time alone to write; fresh air and nature; going to different places; and time with friends and interesting adults. Sick children make it difficult for me to do all those things.


But this winter, when Pippa is missing the fourth week in a row of preschool, and Julian is producing more snot than I ever thought possible, I want to stay as mentally healthy as possible. How? I don’t know yet.

But I’m making a plan for mental health during back-to-back-to-back cold season. I know it will involve books, lots and lots of books. Also, exercise, some way or another. And lots of projects that I can do in the house with small children because projects feed my soul.


So today, I’m trying to keep my munchkins happy in 100 degree heat, but I’m also planning.

Winter is Coming.