Weekly Support Group

FREE peer-to-peer support group on (almost every) Thursday from 1-2:30 p.m. at The Family Room. We will be meeting every Thursday in April and May 2017. If for some reason I have to cancel, I will include that information here!

The Family Room is a resource center and community space for expectant parents and families. It is located at 2318 Huntington Drive in beautiful San Marino (which is just south of Pasadena). There is plenty of free street parking, and the neighborhood is lovely for walking.

The Family Room is an incredibly mom-friendly environment. In the front, there is a “family room” with couches – perfect for babies who need a quiet space. Then there is a playroom with a door that closes. That is where we meet, and thanks to the door, we do not have to worry about runaway toddlers. (If you don’t have a toddler yet, you will understand soon.) The Family Room is air conditioned (yay!) and it is a safe place for mamas.

All mamas who have or had a maternal mental illness are welcome to attend.

This is an ongoing support group. There is no need to register and you can start attending at any time.

Apologies to all the men out there, but this group is for women only. There are plenty of coffee shops in the area for any dads/grandpas/brothers/etc. who might be accompanying a mama. (I was afraid to drive when my PPD was at its worst, and I totally understand if there are any mamas who are afraid to leave the house alone.)

Moms are free to share their stories, ask questions, or just sit and listen.