Vision Board

I used to be the sort of person that sneered at vision boards. I thought they were lame and hokey. But last week, my therapist suggested I make one and my reaction was, Yes! Yes!  Yes!

I had a vision for my vision board. It would have lots of sea creatures and water.  So I went to a magazine stand and ended up spending $38 on magazines, but none of them had the ocean images I wanted.

So instead, I let go of the vision for my vision board, and just started snipping any image or word that caught my eye.

Mostly I used magazines I had already had. Oops. Guess I just wanted an excuse to spend $38 on pretty magazines.

This morning I got out a huge sheet of paper and a glue stick and set to work on my bedroom floor.

Most of the images came from old issues of Mollie Makes, but I also used some home decor and parenting magazines. The ads actually had the best words and images.

I was really drawn to images of plants and flowers. Time to nurture my botanical streak!

I have not made a collage like this in years. This was the sort of project that gave me so much joy and satisfaction in elementary school, but then I got older and worried about only making art that was perfect.

But it’s my vision board, and if I enjoy the process, it does not matter if the product belongs in a gallery. It’s for me.

When Pippa asked what I was doing, I almost told her it was nothing. But then I got proud and explained I was making a vision board to inspire me.

Of course she wanted to make one, too. I love how uninhibited three year olds are when it comes to art. One of my mothering goals is to help her stay connected to the joy of making art even if she is not the next Kandinsky or Monet.

The vision board is done but it is missing one thing: something to do with painting. Painting is one of my great passions and I want to do more of it this year. Maybe I’ll find a way to include painting in this vision board. Or maybe I’ll make another board entirely devoted to painting.

Who knows? That’s part of the adventure.