The Postpartum Action Institute

Yesterday I learned about the Postpartum Action Institute, whose vision is “to motivate every community to create a support network for new families through grassroots action.”


Since Warrior Mom Con, I’ve been wanting to do and learn more. Nathan is going to Vegas with a friend this month, so we decided I should get away for a weekend soon after. Then I learned the Postpartum Action Institute is having a workshop in January in Santa Barbara, my favorite road trip destination. And the workshop is being taught by Dr. Shosh and Jane Honikman, who are just too amazing to describe in a blog post, and oh my goodness, it seemed like fate.


I went online and read up on the workshop and knew immediately it was something I wanted to attend. But.

There’s always a “but” isn’t there?

But the workshop is limited to six – six! – attendees.  WHOA.  That’s intimate. There’s no hiding in a group of six. If I registered, I’d surely be stealing the space from someone much more worthy and deserving than me, and Dr. Shosh and Jane would resent my presence and –


That’s when I realized I needed to go.

I told my brain to shut up and registered and damn, I am glowing with excitement.

p.s. Don’t try to read any secret meaning into the graphics. I just think there is pretty and wanted to reward you with some eye candy. Because even though I’m talking about some heavy shit on this website, I want this to still be a place that feels warm and cozy.