Ten Lessons Learned From Two Years of Podcasting

My podcast recently celebrated its second birthday! Looking back over the past two years and seventy-one episodes, these are a few things I have learned since starting my podcast about postpartum depression and maternal mood disorders:

  1. People from around the world are interested in postpartum depression. I have had listeners on every continent (except Antartica). (Penguins don’t listen to podcasts.]
  2. Dads want to learn about postpartum depression as well. I’ve only had one male guest so far (Tyler, Kaleena’s husband, way back on Episode 17), but I have been contacted by several male listeners. Guys, I know you are out there and I know you are listening. Whether dad has postpartum depression himself, or his loved one is struggling, the men need our help as well.
  3. Our stories are of vital importance!
  4. Everyone has a unique adventure.
  5. And yet, there are so many similarities between our stories. We truly are not alone!
  6. Don’t record interviews on your front porch at night, unless you want a cricket to be the star of that episode.
  7. What works today may not work tomorrow. My schedule is constantly evolving. I keep changing the way I do the podcast. It’s a work in progress.
  8. If you feel the call to do something, just start. Don’t wait until you are certain that you will be a perfect success. You will learn from your mistakes.
  9. Tangents are magical.
  10. It’s okay to take breaks. There’s this idea in our modern world that once you start building a following, you have to relentlessly keep going. Blog every day. Produce  two podcast episodes every week. Don’t take a break from Instagram or you will become irrelevant. But this is real life. If you need a break, honor that need and take a break. The people really interested in your work will still be there when you return. I’ve been doing this show for two years, which means I should be at Episode 104 or so, but I’m “only” at 71. That’s okay! The listeners are still there! And I’m still doing the work for all the future moms who will one day stumble on this show at two in the morning during yet another breastfeeding session.

And that’s ten lessons, but I have to share one more: I love all of you! It’s true, I really do.  Every time I put a new episode into the world, I feel a deep sense of love for everyone who might need to hear stories about maternal mood disorders. I know I have helped lots of people by starting this show, but you have helped me become a more loving person by listening. Thank you.

So now that I have been doing the show for two years, will I continue this adventure for two more? Hell, yes! Next up on the show: I’ll be doing the audio version of my memoir. Because why release an expensive audio book when I can just share it on the podcast?