Sound Bath

I went to a Sound Bath last weekend at The Awareness Center in Pasadena. I got a Groupon for The Awareness Center late last year and I have been experimenting with Kundalini yoga, but the Sound Bath was a new experience.

Damnit I wish I had taken photos.  Oh well! (Thank god for clipart on Etsy.)

When I entered, the room was filled with Tibetan singing bowls. I have a small singing bowl at home that I use when I meditate at night. but these bowls were much more substantial and generally bad ass.

For the first half of the Sound Bath, we did Kundalini yoga, which is not Your Mama’s Gym Yoga. Kundalini yoga is a very spiritual practice, with lots of chanting and deep breathing and movement. There’s always a new move for me to learn. At the Sound Bath, we tapped our chests and then increased the intensity until we were beating them like outraged gorillas. Sounds hokey, but it was exhilarating.

Then it was time for the concert. We lay down on our mats and closed our eyes and the teachers started to strike the gong and different singing bowls. At one point, a teacher placed a  bowl on my chest, right above my heart, so I could feel the vibrations entering my body. It was very energizing and inspiring.

Except for the snoring gentleman directly to my left.

Oy vey, he fell asleep right away. Occasionally, a particularly vigorous gong strike would wake him and the snoring would stop and I’d be able to hear all the chimes and gongs purely. But then the snoring would start back up.

I was able to ignore the snoring for most of the Sound Bath.  Or rather, it was there, and I could hear it, but it did not bother me.

But after a half hour, it got into my head and my entire body tensed and my stress hormones went into crazy mode. I got up and tiptoed across the room and took a new mat so I could enjoy the rest of the bath undisturbed.

I could still hear the snores only now they seemed to echo and ping all around the room.

This did not improve my mood.

I was very annoyed when the Sound Bath was over. Right before I got into my car, I asked a young woman if she had heard snoring. She laughed and said, “Yes, that always happens.”  She seemed unperturbed by the noise nuisance.

This added a new layer to my annoyance. I vowed to never attend another Sound Bath.

But now, a feel days later, I have processed my feelings. I have only just added meditation to my life. I’m at the beginning of that journey and journeys are not perfect. Roads get bumpy, the map might lead us astray and sometimes the gentleman to our left falls asleep and snores during a Sound Bath. That doesn’t mean I have to give up on meditation.

I think I will attend another Sound Bath. And if someone falls asleep and snores, maybe I’ll be able to rise above the snores a little longer than this past time. Who knows? It’s an adventure!