Tragically, only one religious leader in the area had the courage to speak out against the American Stonehenge, and he has recently relocated his ministry. Georgia Guidestones Text English. Another sinister fact: the authors of what we now call the American Stonehenge are still a “mystery”… except for those in the know. Georgia guidestones text. The text is in English, Swahili, Hebrew, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, and Hindi. Georgia Guidestones aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie Die Georgia Guidestones(dt.etwa:Orientierungstafeln,auchbekanntals Marksteineoder Steine von The Georgia Guidestones is a mysterious monument on which are carved ten “commandments” for a “New Age of Reason”. Here is the first piece I did on it in 2015: The Georgia Guidestones and the 10 Commandments of the Coming Antichrist The story of the Georgia Guidestones began in June 1979, when a stranger identified as “Mr. The stones have ten commandments, “rules,” or “guides,” depending on how you look at them. The text in English states the following: Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature. Maintaining the world population under 500 million people.
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