Reading As A Stay-At-Home Mama

Reading is one of my great passions. And if postpartum depression has taught me anything, it’s this: I must make time for my passions.


I spend a lot of time reading picture books to my children. There are some amazing children’s books that I enjoy as much as Pippa — Dragons Love TacosThe Bear and the Piano, anything and everything by Oliver Jeffers.

But I need more than children’s books.  My brain craves ideas and thoughts and words that are bigger than poopy diapers and teething tablets.


To make sure I get the time to read, I have scattered books throughout the house like a squirrel hiding nuts all over the forest.

I only read one fiction book at a time. That book goes on my nightstand and migrates around the house throughout the day.


I like to read multiple nonfiction books at any given time. I can also always read a graphic novel in addition to a word-novel. The graphic novel does not get tangled in my head with the word-novel. But two word-novels mesh into a big confusing disaster.

I keep a nonfiction book in each bathroom. Sometimes I can convince Pippa to leave me alone so I can poop in peace. (Sometimes.)


There are a few nonfiction books and a backlog of magazines in a box on our kitchen table. I spend a lot of time at the kitchen table because Julian is a hobbit and constantly eating.

I want to scatter more books throughout the house. Put a graphic novel in the living room. Hide something in the nursery. Maybe a poetry in my car.


I used to love poetry but then my high school English teachers beat that out of me. Now that I’m a mom, poetry might be exactly what I need. A quick flash of beauty that I can read in a minute or less. Without all the pretentious analysis because really, I don’t care if the poem is in iambic pentameter or if the oak tree is symbolic of the patriarchy.

I just want to read.