My PPD Gratitude List

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, so you could say I’m a bit late to the gratitude party.  Then again, gratitude is a good practice to incorporate into daily life. I’d like to bring some thankfulness to this site more often. So without further adieu, these are some things related to postpartum depression that I make me grateful.

  1. Zoloft helped me feel better so quickly.
  2. My current psychiatrist has involved me in my treatment plan and kept me well informed of all my options.
  3. The fact that I had postpartum depression convinced me to give cognitive behavioral therapy a try.  Once I started CBT, and addressed my PPD issues, I went further and dealt with my preexisting anxiety.  Thanks to PPD, I became a calmer, happier person.
  4. As shitty as the illness was, it has helped me connect with tons of women on a deep emotional level.
  5. I now make self-care a regular and deliberate part of my life.
  6. Thanks to having PPD, I’ve met some incredible women I would not otherwise have ever had reason to know.
  7. As part of my recovery, I started writing a memoir about my PPD adventures.  After finishing the first draft, I needed an editor with memoir experience. That led me to find and hire my editor Anne who has taught me so much about being a writer. So thank you, PPD, for helping me become a better writer.
  8. Having PPD inspired me to read books about postpartum depression which inspired me to read books about mental health which eventually led me to books about spirituality and the meaning of life. Long story short: PPD has brought many, many layers of meaning to my life.
  9. My second round of PPD convinced me to try therapy with a new therapist.  My new therapist challenged me to explore previously unaddressed issues.
  10. And now that I have survived two rounds of PPD, I feel confident I can tackle any challenge life offers.