Mirtazipane Weaning, Take Two!

Last year, I sloooooowly weaned off Zoloft. I have been off that anti-depressant since Christmas 2017. I also used to take Mirtazipane a.k.a. Remeron to help me sleep at night. I weaned off Mirtazipane in Fall 2017, no issues.

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But my anxiety flared up in February 2018 when I cut sugar from my diet. I ended up going back on Mirtazipane in March 2018 and have been taking 15 mg at bedtime ever since. (I also ended up returning to sugar because meh. That’s another blog post!)

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Today, I saw my psychiatrist and we decided I’m ready to try weaning off Mirtazipane again. Here’s the plan:

  • I take 7.5 milligrams at bedtime (half my usual dose) for two weeks.
  • Then, I take 7.5 milligrams at bedtime every other night for one week.
  • Finally, I take 7.5 milligrams at bedtime every third night for a week.

And if all goes well, I’m done and off Mirtazipane.

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Here’s the thing: if I need medication to sleep, then so be it, I will keep taking Mirtazipane or whatever medication helps me get the sleep I need. Sleep is essential. For me, it’s non-negotiable.

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But if I don’t need Mirtazipane to sleep, then I don’t want to take an unnecessary medication. My gut tells me that I don’t need Mirtazipane. Also, my psychiatrist says Mirtazipane should knock me out right away, but I can take my dose at 8 p.m. and not go to bed until 10. The drug is probably just having a placebo effect on me.

A placebo effect, though, is still an effect.

So, we’ll see how this weaning goes! It’s another step in the constantly unfolding adventure that is my mental health.

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