Memoir Update

A quick recap: I started writing about my experiences with postpartum depression in November 2013, when Pippa was still a baby and my recovery had just begun. I’ll spare you the gory details, but I decided to indie publish and hired an editor over a year ago.  I sent her my manuscript in September 2016. She sent me a 19 page memo with suggested revisions about six weeks later.  I assumed it would take me a couple of months to implement all the suggestions and that I’d publish my memoir in early 2017.


I learned so much from that 19 page memo – it was basically a crash course in writing a memoir – and spent the next ten months overhauling my book. It was hard. It was demoralizing. But it felt right. Yesterday I got back my editor’s line edit of the latest version of my book.

I’m sitting in Panera now with a binder and exactly 300 pages of suggested line revisions. (Which means she is suggesting ways to tweak sentences, clarify scenes, etc.) I’ve gotten through the first 116 pages. It’s time for me to head off for the Postpartum Support Group that I run, but damn, I’m feeling good.

The book is in excellent shape!

I still have a lot of work to do. But nothing like the overhaul I did this past year.

Looks like I’ll definitely be publishing my memoir in early 2018!!!