Journaling Tip: Use Happy Words

I’ve noticed something: when I write happy words in my journal, my mood improves almost immediately.

Try it! Just open a blank document and type the word “love” a dozen times. It’s hard to feel angry at the world when you are writing that word.

Other words to try: joy; happy; peace; serenity.

But less obvious words do wonders as well. Like try writing “up.” Up up up up – your spirits actually start to go up like a balloon!

There’s no need to be formal in your journal. You can write total nonsense or gibberish and abandon all those elementary school grammar lessons. You don’t need a subject and verb, and you certainly don’t need to CaPITaliZe correctly.

I dare you. Go crazy in your journal. Find a word that inflates your soul and write it as many times as you like.

You can do it like this: Love Love love love Love love love love love 

or you can do it like this:




love love love 


love love love love love !! love ! Love 

There are no rules in a journal. Sometimes it’s fun to record the things happening in your life, but not every entry needs to start “Dear Diary…” Let go of your inhibitions and discover the radiance of words.