In Episode 26 of the podcast, I talked about JOMO, the Joy of Missing Out. Melissa Ambrosini talked about JOMO on her episode of The Good Life podcast, which you can find right here.

FOMO is an acronym for Fear of Missing Out, the idea that no matter what you are doing, there is something better out there. The party you are at might be fun, but somewhere there’s a party with better music and cooler people.

For the month of December, rather than get swept away by all the holiday madness, I decided to embrace JOMO. These are some of the things I oh so joyfully missed out on:

  • Fancy tree lighting ceremony. Instead, we decorated our tree and that was awesome enough.
  • Visiting one of the elaborate Christmas light displays in Los Angeles. We walked around the neighborhood instead.

  • Christmas cards – didn’t send them. They cause too much stress.
  • Excessive holiday baking. In years past, I agonized over which recipes to try and hunted down obscure ingredients.  This year, we baked chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookies. Delicious and my daughter loved it.

  • Disneyland. I considered this for about 0.8 seconds. Do my kids really need to see Mickey Mouse in a Santa hat? No thank you.
  • Snow at our children’s museum. I could have dragged the kids and let them romp in the snow, but then fuck it, we stayed home and played in the sandbox.

I love JOMO!