I published my book!

The e-book version of my memoir Adventures with Postpartum Depression is now available on Amazon and I’d be tickled pink if you buy a copy:


That’s an affiliate link there. It does not increase the price of the book for the buyer, but I get a few cents back from Amazon’s cut. And hey, I wrote the book, shouldn’t I get the money?

Though seriously, I am so grateful to live in an era when it is so easy to be a self-published author and share your truths and stories with the world. In the coming weeks, I intend to post a lot here to explain the writing process. I will also have lots of journaling prompts for readers who feel inspired to start writing their postpartum stories.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me on this journey! I always feel as if I am fully recovered from PPD but now that my book is out in the world, I feel even better.