I need to lose weight.

I weigh too much for my body and it is holding me back. I can’t buy all the fun clothes that catch my eye.  I can’t jump as high as I would like because landing hurts my knees.

Ever since I had postpartum depression, I have focused a lot on my mental health; but mental health does not exist in a vacuum.  My spiritual, intellectual and emotional wellbeing are inseparable from my physical health.

It is time to lose weight.


But I’m not going to diet.

Diets are mean and cruel.  Look at the word: DIEt.  DIE.  Diets crush out all the joy of living.

Diets set up rules and regulations and restrictions but really, this is what I need to do: be mindful. If I’m hungry, I can eat. If I’m full, then there’s no need to eat.


Simple enough, but I have been a yo-yo dieter for years. I don’t know how to eat. I eat too much and hate myself and then I go on a diet and follow impossible rules and lose weight but gain it all back and then some because I haven’t learned how to eat.


I am ready to be mindful. I am ready to trust myself to eat the food my body needs without counting calories or points or eliminating sugar or carbs or what-have-you.

I choose life.  I choose abundance.  I choose mindfulness and love and joy.