Episode 9: Mariah’s Story

I’m working on getting back into shape and have even started running. In December, I’m going to participate in the Insane Inflatable 5K. I mean seriously, how bitching does this look??

Insane Inflatable 5K 2016 Obstacle Map

New Obstacle Collage Update Image

So excited to get fit for this insanity, and I’m even more excited to share Mariah’s story with you this week.

Mariah Warren lives in New York’s Hudson Valley with her husband, John, their four year-old son, Benjamin, and their cat, Kitty.  She serves as the Clerk of Session at her church, has written for the former site Stigmama, and has led three Climb Out of the Darkness hikes for Postpartum Progress.


She has shared her postpartum story with US News And World Report for a web feature, Hudson Valley Parent, Anchor Magazine, and in guest posts on several blogs.

Ben's first time on LBI

In the photo above, Mariah is holding Baby Ben during his first vacation. She looks happy but at the time this photo was taken, she was consumed by anxiety and wanted to run away. Shortly after, she entered the psych unit at the hospital where she gave birth. Mariah eventually found help at a program for moms with postpartum depression and their babies at Women and Infants Hospital in Rhode Island.

Mariah strives to be as open as possible in telling her story, in order to educate others on perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health, and so that suffering moms know that they’re not alone, that there is help, and that it does get better.