Episode 70: Stephanie M.’s Story

This week, Stephanie M. shares her postpartum story on the show. Stephanie is a 26 year old mother of a eight year old girl and a nine month old boy. She experienced mild postpartum depression after the birth of her daughter but her second round of postpartum depression has been much more difficult.



Stephanie and her children

During her second pregnancy, Stephanie had crazy dreams that involved bright red blood and her baby being ripped out of her stomach. By the end of her pregnancy, she was convinced that something bad was going to happen and told her boyfriend if the doctors could only save on life, she wanted them to save her baby.

Late in her pregnancy, Stephanie felt intense abdominal pain that was not a contraction. She went to the ER multiple times but an unsympathetic doctor kept sending her home. During her last trip to the hospital, she felt a gush and assumed her water had broken, but when she looked down, she saw bright red blood, just as in her nightmares.

The baby’s blood pressure dropped and Stephanie needed an emergency c-section. She started hemorrhaging, nearly died, and needed an emergency hysterectomy. She woke up two days later in the ICU.

Finally meeting her son Kai for the first time

Stephanie is currently dealing with postpartum depression, anxiety and PTSD from the traumatic birth of her son. At first, her doctor put her on Zoloft but that did not help. Lexapro, however, has reduced the severity of her symptoms. Now that her son is nine months old, she is starting to feel better but she has not fully recovered from her ordeal.

Stephanie and her family

Thank you, Stephanie, so much for sharing your journey.