Episode 6: The Importance of Community

I am running a peer-to-peer support group and we finally have a home. The group meets Thursdays, 2-3 p.m. at The Family Room.  The Family Room is located in San Marino (Pasadena’s neighbor) at 2318 Huntington Drive. It is a resource center and community space for expectant parents and family.  The Family Room provides education and support before and after childbirth and the early years of childhood, from childbirth prep to breastfeeding support and play groups.  It is a safe and comfortable space for mothers to talk about mental health issues.

I started this support group over two years ago but this feels like its true beginning. We have a home! A safe, air-conditioned home! No more chasing after toddlers in playgrounds.

My peer-to-peer group started originally on Meetup. There’s an L.A. group and a Pasadena group. For now, I’m going to keep running these groups because it is just one more one for moms to find help. But honestly, they haven’t been that successful for me. I’m ready to do more. I’m ready to build a strong support group that offers a safe community for moms struggling with postpartum depression.