Episode 42: Lucy’s Story

This week, Lucy McEwen shares the story of her motherhood adventures, including her traumatic birth experience at a less than mother-friendly hospital. The nurses were actually annoyed with Lucy for being “too loud” during her contractions! She was bullied into getting an epidural, and her birth plan was effectively ignored.

Lucy and her beautiful family

After the birth, her baby needed to go to the NICU but the maternity wing was full so Lucy was sent to a room on the other side of the hospital. Lucy could only hold her daughter while breastfeeding and with all the travel time between her hospital room and the NICU, she had very little time to sleep.

Lucy then experienced postpartum depression with lots of crying and intrusive thoughts.

It took Lucy a long time to realize she was allowed to grieve this traumatic experience.

Right after birth; in the NICU; and then reunited in the postpartum wing

Lucy’s second birth was a much more empowering experience. She worked with a doula how made sure Lucy knew how birth works and what Lucy’s rights and options were.

The collage above shows Lucy’s Climb out of the Darkness team for every year from 2013-2016.  Isn’t it beautiful to see how the event grew over the years?  I’m so glad the Climb is being continued by Postpartum Support International.

Lucy’s warrior mom tattoo alongside Katherine Stone’s tattoo

She is currently seeking her certification as a postpartum doula. She works in the Antelope Valley and her website is Journey to Joy Doula (JourneytoJoyDoula.com).  There’s also a Facebook page.

Lucy has also started a postpartum support group for moms in the Antelope Valley.  It’s called AV Postpartum Support and you can head over to Facebook to join. The group includes members from neighboring cities and provides peer support with free monthly meetings.

Bravo, Lucy! The mothers of Antelope Valley are lucky to have you. And I am so lucky to know you!