Episode 35: Graeme’s Story

This week, I talked with the incredible Graeme Seabrook, a.k.a. The Postpartum Mama. She is a pregnancy and postpartum coach, a self-care coach, and a community builder.

Don’t you just love her?

Graeme is a writer and blogs at The Postpartum Mama, or, if you are not good at the whole blog thing, you can follow her on Facebook right here.

She is the creator of the Self-Care Squad on Facebook. It is a wonderful community of supportive women that I highly recommend. I always feel better after a trip to that group.

Graeme has a strong online presence, so if you are interested in following her, just start at The Postpartum Mama to find all the places she lives and works. (I know if I start adding in all the links, I’ll mess something up so hey, let’s make this easier for everyone!)

Thanks, Graeme, for sharing your story!