Episode 33: Victoria’s Story

This week, Victoria Smith shares her story of postpartum depression and anxiety.

Victoria has a personal history with depression, so she knew she was at risk for postpartum depression; but one month into her pregnancy, she was blindsided by the news that her parents were divorcing.  The next nine months were so stressful, she even got shingles.

Victoria planned on having an epidural, but because of the position she needed to lie in during labor, it did not work.  So she had an unplanned natural childbirth which was traumatic.

Her son had colic and went on three hour crying jags.

We’re sharing this photo because this moment — the crying red-faced alien — is as much a part the transition to motherhood as all the tranquil moments depicted on commercials.

Victoria’s mission is to help women achieve their goals and to help them live their best life possible. Victoria blogs at Girl Tries Life and her podcast of the same name launches March 1, 2017. She can also be found on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @girltrieslife.