Episode 32: The 2020 Mom Conference

Whew, this was a big episode!  Postpartum Progress announced that Warrior Mom Con 2017 is happening November 3-4 in Denver, Colorado. Woot woot!  I am so excited.  And registration has opened for The Climb Out of the Darkness.  Click HERE to register or donate or just head over to Crowdrise.com.

Earlier this week, I went to the 2020 Mom Conference, Emerging Considerations in Maternal Mental Health: the link to Hormones, Inflammation and Policy in Action.  Speaker slides and handouts are available already right HERE. It was a great day, and I will definitely be going again next year.

Videos from the conference will soon be available on 2020 Mom’s YouTube channel.  I’ll update when I have a link for that.

Ken Ventanilla shared the story of the loss of his wife and their newborn Shane.  I remember hearing about their deaths on the news, and I am so grateful he came to the conference and spoke.

Dr. Samantha Meltzer Brody spoke about the impact of hormonal changes during pregnancy and their effect on postpartum depression. (Spoiler alert: hormones affect PPD!) But on a serious note, it is so encouraging to hear about cutting-edge research that scientists are doing. I can’t repeat back all the scientific names, but I do know that scientists are working hard to fine tune different treatments for postpartum depression.

Dr. Kathleen Kendall Tacket gave a great talk on inflammation and depression. Bottom line: inflammation increases your risk of depression.

Erica Julson, a registered dietician nutritionist, talked more about inflammation and depression, recommending a Mediterranean diet to combat depression.  America’s Test Kitchen has a new cookbook, The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook, that she recommends. I already ordered my copy and will report back on how I like it!

We also heard about federal policy and the Maryland and California Commission Reports. Since the California Reports is being presented in Sacramento at the end of February, I’ll wait until then to report back on their findings.