Episode 29: Chelsea’s Story

In Episode 29, Chelsea shared her story of postpartum depression and anxiety, including intrusive thoughts and suicidal ideation. For professional reasons, Chelsea has decided to remain anonymous

Chelsea took the above photo on September 7, 2016.  That was the first day in almost a year that she really noticed how beautiful things are around her.  She had to park her car and take a photo to remind herself to be mindful and acknowledge beauty.

Shortly after we spoke, Chelsea had a really hard week with anxiety. With the help of her health team, Chelsea decided to be voluntarily admitted to the hospital for five days as she was not feeling safe at home.  At the time of her admission, none of her family knew about her struggles.  Her husband did not even know how bad things were because she felt like she didn’t want to burden him.

This was officially Chelsea’s rock bottom.

But the great news is that after having intense treatment, sleep and a lot of support from her healthcare team, Chelsea feels like things are finally turning around and her admission may have been the best decision she has ever made.

Her entire family is now aware of how much she is struggling.  They are aware that it is part of the illness to isolate and not want to tell people how you are feeling.  And Chelsea’s husband has been the most incredible man on earth and she is really comfortable telling him now when she is struggling.

She is seeing an outpatient program on a weekly basis and recently got off the waitlist for the Eating Disorder program.  Now that her anxiety had reduced, she is eating in a much healthier way.

Chelsea’s husband is attending a peer support group for family members with mental illness as well as going to counseling for himself.  his family is taking the kids for one day on the weekend now so they can focus on building up their marriage.

Chelsea says: “There were SO many good things that came from accepting that I could not do this on my own and I am really excited to see how the next few months improve.”

Chelsea, you are such an inspiration! Thank you for sharing your journey with us.