Episode 23: Kylie’s Story

I am so excited to bring you Kylie’s story!
Kylie Marshall is the mother of two wild boys: Ivan Elwood (2.5) and Alexander Elias (5 months). She’s been married for 5 years to her best friend Stephen. He is incredibly graceful and passionate and they both share a deeply held belief that life is meant to be lived passionately and creatively.
Kylie and Stephen choose experience over money all the time–which does make life a wee bit more difficult, sometimes–but they both are pursuing livelihoods that they both actually enjoy.
Kylie graduated from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in June 2016 with a Holistic Wellness Practitioner Degree. Her official degree is in Transformational Mind/Body Psychology.
She also has a diploma in Holistic Nutrition and a diploma in Urban Farming. She want her boys to see that it’s possible to live passionately and still “make it” in this world.
They live in the heart of Ozarks, surrounded by the diverse forest and the incredible Buffalo River. Their small town has vast opportunities–if they create them.
Right now, Kylie is focusing on healing herself and sharing that journey through social media, in hopes that she can empower other women to be courageous against whatever it is that they are fighting against.
Kylie is all about the dirty work of real transformation. She’s committed to having conversations that aren’t being had on a day to day, surface level.
She’s a woman who strongly believes that sisterhood–real sisterhood–is something that we are missing and it’s something that she wants to create for others.
Kylie wants to create a safe space to be who we truly are, and discover that, and embrace our wild nature. She believes our feminine intuition can be restored, and we can have fulfilling, creative, lives. She’s learning the balance between motherhood and that wildness, and has been on a journey to embrace both.
Kylie’s website explains what life coaching is and gives an in depth look at her story and what she hopes to do in the future for other women. Check it out at  www.earthsidelife.com. You can also follow Kylie’s Facebook page, www.facebook.com/earthsidelife, and her instagram is @earthsidecoaching.