Episode 22: Warrior Mom Con, Part Two

Warrior Con was amazing. I don’t know adjectives to do it justice.


This week, I talked at greater length about my experiences in Atlanta.  I know a lot of you would have loved to have been there so I’m doing my best to give you the aerial view of everything that happened.

Although really, if forced to describe the conference in one word, I would tell you: hugs.


Me and the amazing Kelly Bauer

I felt so radiant during the conference. I went to meet my tribe but I ended up falling in love with mom after mom after mom. There were break out sessions and since I could not be in two places at the same time, I missed Kelly’s talk.  But no worries, I’m going to get her to impart all of her awesomeness in a future episode.


Me and Katherine Stone

The night before the conference started, I had a dream that a bunch of cranky therapists infiltrated and ruined the conference.  I complained to Katherine and she asked me to write a poem.

Then, during the first morning of the conference, I met Katherine and told her about my dream and she did not run away. Instead, she hugged me. (Then she probably filed for a restraining order.)

warrior-con-4  Me and Alexia, my first interviewee

Seating was random for the Warrior Mom Banquet. I got to sit next to Alexia, the first warrior mom that I ever interviewed for this show. Perfection.