Episode 21: Warrior Mom Con, Part One

I just returned from Warrior Mom Con in Atlanta. It was incredible. Mind-blowing.


Here’s a bunny for no particular reason. I just really like bunnies.

Literally. I learned so much and felt so many feelings that now I feel like my brain is a bit broken. Or rather, it overheated from system overload and now needs a little time to cool down.


This is my brain cooling down. Sort of. Not really.

I learned so much and have so much I want to tell you but first, I am being gentle with myself and giving myself time to process all the new ideas and feelings pinging around in my head.


Pumpkins are awesome.

In the meantime, I shared some thoughts on this week’s episode. Then, we have a little mic-side podcast party with two awesome mamas, Kristina Dulaney and Amanda Cadran. It was my first live interview, and man, I was super awkward but that’s okay. I’m perfectly imperfect.