Episode 19: My Crappy Ex-Psychiatrist, Part Deux

It’s all me again this week, wrapping up the Tale of The Crappy Psychiatrist.


This is what life looks like lately.

I have written about my ex-psychiatrist in my journal. Talked about him at great length with my therapist. Ranted about his arrogance and awfulness to friends and family. I thought I had exhausted the subject and processed all my feelings.


There’s something about telling a story into a microphone that helps me understand my experiences even more.


Pippa took this photo. That’s me at work.

I realized during this episode that I excused my psychiatrist’s deplorable behavior because he was also treating my postpartum depression successfully. Since he prescribed the Zoloft and Remeron that helped me get better, I let him treat me however he saw fit.  Which happened to be rudely, arrogantly and even abusively.

My psychiatrist was a bully and an asshole and there’s nothing, NOTHING, that excuses that.

My new psychiatrist has also been successfully treating my postpartum depression and she is always, always, always caring and respectful.

I’m so glad I started this podcast. I started this show to help other women suffering from maternal mood disorder, but it is also helping me.