Episode 18: My Crappy Psychiatrist

In earlier episodes, I have referred to the shitty experience I had with my first psychiatrist. This week, I start sharing that story in greater detail.


I don’t really have anything to tell you in the show notes. It’s me, you know who I am. Right?


Well, maybe not. Or you know a few things about me but hey, I’m an onion. I have layers. As your reward for visiting the show notes, here are some random facts.

1. I went to high school with the Kourtney and Kim Kardashian. We were on the JV soccer team together.

2. I have never read Romeo & Juliet.


3.  My favorite color is green.

4.  My favorite novel is Pride and Prejudice.

5.  I’m always looking forward to my next trip to Disneyland.


6.  Pumpkins make me giddy.

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