Episode 17: Tyler’s Story

This week, I interviewed Tyler Smith. His wife Kaleena shared her story of postpartum depression and psychosis on Episode 12.


Tyler and Kaleena

I’m struggling to write these show notes because I feel like I should write something that sounds all scholarly and wise; but really, all I want to say is: I really love these two people even though I have never met them.

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When Kaleena had postpartum depression and then psychosis, Tyler really stepped up and helped as much as possible. But he’s not perfect. It took him awhile to realize the extent of what was happening to Kaleena. Talking to Kaleena’s psychiatrist helped him understood the gravity of the illness. I think it’s a great idea for all partners to meet with mama’s psychiatrist.



Thank you, Tyler, for coming on the show! And thank you to any dads who listen to this episode. By supporting your wife or girlfriend, you are being her hero.