Episode 14: Kelly Bauer’s Story

I made a bag. It makes me ridiculously happy and I’m taking it everywhere.

tote bag
Want one of your very own? Get it right HERE. If you get one, please send me photos of your bag out and about in the world!

Kelly Bauer shared her story on this week’s episode. Kelly is a mother, wife, writer and storyteller.

Kelly 3I need those glasses!

Kelly 1

On her blog, Motherhood Misfit, Kelly discusses motherhood, her journey through Postpartum Anxiety/OCD and her experience with grief, after losing her unborn daughter, Clara, to Spina Bifida, 22 weeks into pregnancy. Find her on Facebook or pretending to know how Twitter works @kbauerwrites.

kelly 2

I should warn you: don’t visit Kelly’s blog unless you have plenty of time to spare! She writes so beautifully and honestly about all she has experienced. You will want to read her entire blog in one sitting. And then you might do it again a few weeks later. (Not that I’m talking from personal experience.)

Thank you, Kelly, for sharing your story and helping spread awareness about maternal mood disorders!