Epilogues Are Weird!

My memoir Adventures with Postpartum Depression has an epilogue, and let me tell you: that was so weird to write. The book needed some finality, but hey, I’m still alive here! As long as I’m alive, I’m going to have issues, setbacks, victories, brain waves, and all sorts of things, good and bad, that affect the way I live.

In the Epilogue, I wrote about the things that were helping me thrive. Everything I wrote in that Epilogue was true – as of September 2017, when I flipped my revised manuscript back over to my editor Anne. But as I myself said in the Epilogue (I love quoting myself):

Like my houseplants, which require water, light, and soil, my soul has some absolute needs: writing, meaningful relationships, time for fun, lots of physical movement, learning, and projects. The ways that I satisfy these absolutes, though, shift.

At the time I wrote the Epilogue, I was doing as much Zumba as possible. As I write this blog post, nine months have passed and things have changed. My two favorite Zumba teachers stopped teaching at my gym. Their replacements … well, let’s just say I am not inspired by their teaching styles. I don’t have the time to run around town and find new Zumba teachers, so instead, I’m walking. A LOT. I also swim once a week during Julian’s swim lesson and I recently started strength training.

In my Epilogue, I also wrote about how I learned to relax and stop screaming at my kids. And that was (mostly) true a few months ago, as I was proofreading my book for publication.

Then Julian turned two and a half. The kids started fighting more. Julian started throwing tantrums. Pippa started experimenting with defiance. And me?

I’m on a spiritual journey. I’m letting motherhood be the microscope that exposes the issues and areas of my life that still need work. I’m also working on losing weight and every food craving is another opportunity to work on those issues.

Whew. It’s an adventure. It’s such a big adventure, I’ve started another website, CourtneyHenningNovak.com, to document the journey. See, I’ve decided to dedicate this website to all things directly related to postpartum mood disorders, because I do not want to overwhelm anyone who is in the process of recovering from something like PPD. If you have PPD, just do what you have to do to survive during that phase of your life.

But for those of you who have recovered and are curious about my continued adventures, you can join me at my new website. I’m excited to see what issues I tackle next!