Dads and PPD

Did you know dads get PPD? Well, it’s true. Dads get PPD. (Equality of the sexes, baby.)

I have still not had a dad with PPD come on my show. Hopefully that happens sometime during the next 74 episodes! (Note to self: scour internet and find dads with PPD who are willing to talk about it on podcast.) (Note to readers and listeners: if you know any dads who have or had PPD and are willing to talk about it on my podcast, send them my way! Email and we’ll set something up.)

In the meantime, there are resources out there for dads who experience a mood disorder:

We do not have enough resources for moms, but we have even fewer resources for dads. My advocacy focuses on moms because that is what I know, but dads are struggling and need help, too. I especially worry about the pressure on men to act like they have their shit pulled together and are not struggling with Big Feelings.

But I know that we are getting better, and if we keep working together, we can have resources available for all parents struggling with a mood disorder.