Climb Out Of The Darkness!

I am so excited to be co-leading Team LA for the 2017 Climb Out of the Darkness, the world’s largest event raising awareness about maternal mood disorders. It is organized by Postpartum Progress, an amazing nonprofit that is dedicated to ending the stigma that haunts this very common illness.

If you live in the L.A. area, we’d love to have you join the team! Head over to Crowdrise or just click HERE to register or donate.

We have not picked the exact location yet, but we will be hiking on Saturday, June 24th. We always hike on or close to the longest day of the year in order to shed the most light on the darkness of maternal mental illness.

It’s an amazing chance to connect with other moms who have traveled through the darkness. EVERYONE is welcome, including people who have never suffered from depression, anxiety or another mood disorder. The more, the merrier!

For the full lowdown, head HERE to find a climb near you or start a climb of your own. You can lead a team or just solo climb. I solo climbed my first year in 2014, and it was a beautiful and meaningful morning that was an important part of my recovery. If you want to lead a climb, don’t be intimidated! A team can be as big or little as you like. Every team makes a difference and helps shed more light on maternal mood disorders.