Book Update!

The book is coming merrily along and getting closer and closer to publication. Here’s the current timeline.

  1. Get postpartum depression. Vow to keep it a secret except from a select few until my dying days.
  2. October 2013: Try revising my first novel but feel compelled to write about postpartum depression experiences.
  3. November 2013: Fuck it. I’ll write a memoir.
  4. Agonize over perfecting manuscript for over two years though to my credit, I got pregnant during that time and pregnancy destroys me. I can’t write when I’m struggling with Eternal Morning Sickness.
  5. September 2016: Finally hire an editor and send her the first draft. (I used to find my editor.)
  6. November 2016: Receive editor’s comments.
  7. Read said comments.
  8. Realize current draft is total utter shit.
  9. Despair.
  10. Get back to work!
  11. Spend a year and a half whipping book into shape and transform it into something I’m actually very proud to claim as my own.
  12. Early October 2017: Send next draft back to editor.
  13. Thanksgiving-ish 2017: Receive comments from editor.
  14. Book is in great shape!
  15. Celebrate!
  16. January 2018: Back to work. Finish final round of revisions. No major overhauls. Just deleting fluff and tweaking sentences.
  17. Mid-January: Hire book designer. I used Reedsy again to find my book designer.
  18. February 2018: Read book out loud. At this point, if I read the book to myself, my brain just assumes that all the words are there. But reading it aloud, I actually caught a bunch of mistakes.
  19. Early March 2018: Finish proofreading the book. This means scrolling through the manuscript until my eyes were ready to bleed to catch punctuation mistakes and things like line spacing and indentation issues.
  20. Transfer manuscript to Vellum, a software program that formats the book for print and ebook.
  21. Receive current drafts for book cover from designer.
  22. Upload my favorite designs to Facebook.

And that’s where I am! I need Nathan to finish reading the book so I can get his approval. As my husband, he gets veto power over any parts that include him. Then I have to get a headshot of me for the back cover. And yeah, that’s pretty much it. I’ll have to upload the book to Amazon, Apple and a few other big providers but those are just logistics. The biggest pieces are falling into place very quickly.

Last night, I was up at 3:30 a.m. feeling all the fear demons. I’ve spent several thousand dollars on hiring an editor and book cover designer and hundreds more on software (Vellum and Scrivener). Will anyone actually want to spend money on the book? Or am I just wasting all this money?

Nathan reminded me that writing the book is the accomplishment. And whew, deep breath, he’s right. It does not matter if I sell 5 or 50 or 500 copies of the book. What matters is I’ve written the book I knew I had to write and I’m on the verge of publishing it.

I have to remember this quote from the Bhagavad Gita (and probably tattoo it across my arm)

You have the right to work, but for the work’s sake only. You have no right to the fruits of work.