Back From Warrior Mom Con

I am back from Warrior Mom Con.

It was amazing.

I have so much to process.  So much to write.  So much to share.

But right now, my brain is so full, I don’t know where to begin.


Me, grinning like a fool, my default facial expression all weekend.

I will start with this: 63% of moms who have postpartum depression suffer another depressive episode sometime during the next ten years. 

Whoa.  That’s like saying, “Sixty-three percent of all shark attack victims will be attacked by another shark sometime during the next ten years.”


Kelly Bauer, Podcast Episode 14, is as awesome in person as you might expect.

I feel like I should be scared by that statistic, but I’m not. I’m INSPIRED.

I’m inspired to keep doing the things that keep me healthy.

Inspired to go outside and get some fresh air today even though it’s raining.


Alexia Johnstone, Episode 8, oh my goodness I love this lady to bits.

Inspired to dance.



Unapologetically fight for my mental health because I am important and I deserve to feel good and happy and strong. Make big grandiose plans to write books and spread the word about my podcast and run races and visit new places and travel and sew and plant seeds and try to grow a pineapple tree and be merry and try new recipes and bake all the treats and have friends over and family and get a ping pong table and twirl in parking lots if I want to twirl because if that makes me happy it does not matter if I look ridiculous.


Me and Katherine Stone, Warrior Mom-In-Chief

I can’t do it all at once.

But if I take baby steps, I can do it all.