Adventures With Zoloft!

Remember: You are an individual with your own brain chemistry, your own medical history, your own everything. It’s tempting to over-identify with me since I’m sharing my story, but when it comes to PPD and any other mental illness, it’s important to talk to your doctor about medications.  But I do believe in transparency so that’s why I’m talking about my new adventures as I wean off Zoloft.

Quick recap: I started taking 100 mg of Zoloft every day in November 2015 right after Julian was born. My psychiatrist bumped my dose up to 150 mg in January 2016 when I started to show signs of insomnia and anxiety, reminiscent of my first round of PPD with Pippa. A month ago, in late December 2016, I started the very sloooow process of weaning myself off Zoloft, completely under my psychiatrist’s supervision.

Week One, I took 125 mg every third day and stuck with 150 mg the other two days. I did not notice any changes or symptoms.

Week Two, I took 125 mg every other day and still, did not notice any changes or symptoms.

Week Three: 125 mg every day. I did not notice any symptoms.

Week Four: Still took 125 mg because hey, this is a journey, not a race. For a day or so, I felt very irritable but chalked it up to PMS.

Week Five (this past week): I continued taking 125 mg every day and got my period. On Saturday, which would have been 1/28/17, I forgot to take my Zoloft. Oops! Over the past year, I have forgotten to take my Zoloft every ten days or so, with zero negative effects.

But this time, not so much. On Sunday, I was very short-tempered, especially with Pippa my 3 year old. I was moody, swinging very quickly from “fuck everything” to “euphoria.”

Then yesterday, Monday January 30th, I still felt edgy and short-tempered. I realized this was no longer me being menstrual, so I called my psychiatrist. We chatted and she decided I should go back to 150 mg of Zoloft for a few days, and then drop back down to 125 mg. So that’s what I’m doing.

Today is Day Five of my period. I feel a little edgier than usual but much better from Sunday. Still, I followed my doctor’s advice and took 150 mg of Zoloft this morning.

And so my adventures continue! They never do end, do they?