Adventures With Weaning!

Since my last weaning post, I have been feeling pretty damn good. I went back to 150 mg of Zoloft every morning for three days and quickly felt more like myself. Then I went back to 125 mg of Zoloft with no withdrawal symptoms.

I have been back on 125 mg for a week now and saw my psychiatrist this morning. We discussed the way I have felt and decided to continue gradually tapering me off the Zoloft. I will slowly reduce my dose over the next couple of weeks down to 100 mg.

But, the week before my period, I will go back to 125 mg. Just to give my hormones a little something-something extra. I have to keep reminding myself: this is not a race. No one is grading me or handing out medals.

So right now, I’m still on 125 mg of Zoloft every day. But tomorrow, I’ll just take 100 mg. Then I’ll take 125 for two days, then 100 mg, slow and steady. Woot woot!