Adventures With Mirtazipane Weaning

I’m almost done with Week One of Mirtazipane Weaning. To recap, this is a four week process: I’m taking a half dose (7.5 mg) every night for two weeks; then taking a half dose every other night for one week; and finally, taking a half dose every third night for on week.

I feel compelled to blog about this journey because it forces me to pay attention and make sure I’m doing this right. I don’t want to rush weaning just for the sake of being done.

Kawaii Medicine Pill 5

Since halving my dose, I feel a little groggier in the morning and have trouble waking up before my kids. This is frustrating. I want to be up first. I want to enjoy a slow morning with some coffee and journaling before I get sucked into the whirlpool of motherhood.

But I need to let my body do its thing. Mirtazipane helped me manage my anxiety and get enough sleep, but it was a medication that altered my brain chemistry. I need to be patient while my body adjusts to life without Mirtazipane.

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Besides, I’m always pushing myself to do too much. A little fatigue might just be a blessing in disguise.