3 Mom Circus

I received such a sweet message from Sunny last week that I just had to share:

My name is Sunny and I wanted to let you know your podcast helped me through my postpartum anxiety after delivering twin baby girls. I’ve always had issues with anxiety and when I became a mother it was unbearable. I listened to your podcast while taking my girls, Lynley & Emma on long stroller walks outside and it helped so.much.

Your creative use of storytelling as therapy for PPD also inspired me to share my story. Together, my cousin (currently suffering from PPD/A) my sister (clinically depressed) and I (anxiety) created a blog called 3momcircus. We live in MN, TN, and FL, and we’re working together to support each other as we share our lives with other moms.

It’s a brand new blog, but we’re hoping it will reach moms going through these struggles. We are working to normalize perinatal mood disorders and let moms know it’s ok to not be ok.
Your voice was the first real voice I heard on the subject, so thank you for your bravery for being so real and vulnerable. It’s definitely a hard thing to do, but it does help.

Thank you, Sunny! I am working at Pippa’s school book fair right now and having trouble concentrating because I just want to read all the posts on your beautiful new blog, 3 Mom Circus.

I’m so glad to hear of more moms sharing their stories because folks, this maternal mood disorder stuff? It’s real. It’s happening. And by sharing our stories, we empower ourselves.