Episode 36: More Thoughts and Feelings On The End of Postpartum Progress

I had tons of interviews scheduled for this month, but after the ending of Postpartum Progress, and organization I loved with all my heart, I have needed to take some time to rest and gather my energy.

But I am so excited to be back this week and talking about yes, my feelings and thoughts on Postpartum Progress. Because when you are part of something big, and that Something Big comes to a sudden and unexpected end, you are going to have big feelings. And my goodness, but I needed to talk through those feelings.

I am so grateful for the new Facebook community, the Postpartum Collective. I highly recommend joining if you want to be connected to other women fighting to help others with maternal mood disorders, or you just want a community where you can be yourself and not feel judged.

In this episode, I mention author and shame-researcher Brene Brown several times.  I love her work and have just finished Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent and Lead.  I cannot recommend it highly enough!

Thank you for listening!

Episode 35: Graeme’s Story

This week, I talked with the incredible Graeme Seabrook, a.k.a. The Postpartum Mama. She is a pregnancy and postpartum coach, a self-care coach, and a community builder.

Don’t you just love her?

Graeme is a writer and blogs at The Postpartum Mama, or, if you are not good at the whole blog thing, you can follow her on Facebook right here.

She is the creator of the Self-Care Squad on Facebook. It is a wonderful community of supportive women that I highly recommend. I always feel better after a trip to that group.

Graeme has a strong online presence, so if you are interested in following her, just start at The Postpartum Mama to find all the places she lives and works. (I know if I start adding in all the links, I’ll mess something up so hey, let’s make this easier for everyone!)

Thanks, Graeme, for sharing your story!


34 Kelly Debie’s Story of Intrusive Thoughts

This was probably the most difficult episode for me to record and publish yet. Earlier this week, Postpartum Progress, an organization I have volunteered for, decided to end their operations.

It’s a messy story. I believe the technical term is “shit storm.”  During the introduction, I do my best to describe what happened, but I’m not trying to be a historian or journalist here.

Graeme Seabrook, a volunteer who had done so much work for Postpartum Progress, resigned and explained the reasons for her resignation in this essay.

I’m a lawyer, and my lawyer brain said, “Let’s wait and see what happens and what everyone else does.”  But my heart, body and soul told me it was time to resign from my position as a Warrior Mom Ambassador for Postpartum Progress.

My brain fought hard and resisted for twenty-four hours but in the end, my heart and soul won.  I resigned.

A day later, Postpartum Progress announced it was ceasing operations. My initial reaction was “holy shit” and then “what the fuck?” and now, I don’t know what it is. I have a lot of feelings to process.

But during all of this whirlwind, I got to talk to Kelly DeBie, a mother of five who has written extensively about her experiences with maternal mood disorders on her blog DeBie Hive.

The first post Kelly ever wrote is here.   Another is one right here, and there are about thirty more on her blog.  You can also follow her on Instagram and Twitter @debiehive.

Thanks, Kelly, for coming on the show!