10 Things Helping Me Kick Postpartum Depression In the Ass

I had PPD, postpartum anxiety and OCD after my daughter Pippa was born in 2013. I had my son Julian last November and I am not interested in a relapse, thank you very much. I have been working hard to stay mentally fit. These are some of the things that have been helping me on my quest:

1. Exercise, especially if it is fun like Zumba.
2. No caffeine.
3. No booze.
4. Weekly talk therapy.
5. Zoloft in the morning. (150 mg is the current magic number.)
6. Remeron at bedtime. (Just 15 mg – I’m basically opening the bottle and taking a deep breath.)
7. Lots of fresh air and sunshine and time in nature.
8. Getting lots of help from my husband, parents and babysitter.
9. Lots and lots of writing.
10. Staying connected with friends.